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Scroll down to discover everything that kids will learn and experience during Atomic Kids fall semester STEAM courses in Taiwan.

An epic
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Too many kids lose interest in science and math at an early age. At Atomic Kids, our exciting STEAM program will help your child fall in love with science and math again!

We do this by bringing Science and Math to life through fun and challenging hands-on projects 
that involve design, electronics, robotics, and coding!
A quick look
at where
we're going!
This semester we'll be launching into outer SPACE, then diving into the depths of the OCEAN to learn about our complex and fascinating eco-systems.

Using exciting themes helps keep kids engaged and excited so they can go really deep into learning!
First, we'll explore SPACE projects
Next, well go deep into OCEAN projects

Blast into
Hop on this rocket ship and join us for a new journey exploring the outer limits of space in our Space camp. We will explore the solar system and learn about the planets, the Sun and our Moon.

We will learn about the phases of the moon and how the moon affects our planet.

We’ll teach kids about astronauts, astronaut life on the International Space Station, their very important job of exploring Space, and the equipment they use to survive.

We will learn about the amazing missions happening on Mars and the fascinating machines built to explore those unknown lands.

Using STEAM skills to consider interplanetary survival, students will complete a series of projects and challenges that recreate a NASA mars mission!

Improves problem-solving skills
Sparks imagination and curiosity
Helps kids become creative thinkers

Great scientists are great experimenters. They’re curious, they try new things, and they don’t let failure stand in their way. In fact, failure is viewed as a learning experience. Learning to experiment and to have courage even in the face of failure will help students, regardless of which career path they choose to pursue.

~Why STEAM benefits kids

& Skills
kids will
Students in our SPACE program will learn about the sun, states of matter in space, astronauts, how to build a MARS rover, and how to live in space!
Learn about states of matter
Explore sequencing & coding
Discover what's needed for life in space

Many STEAM activities encourage students to work together, perhaps completing an experiment or solving a problem with other students. STEAM-related subjects are challenging, there’s no doubt about that. But facing these challenges encourages kids to work together and to use each other’s strengths to see a project through.

~Why STEAM benefits kids

Project 1:
Sun Catcher!
Kids will build their very own Sun Catching Sun using contact paper and colored tissue papers, plates, hole punchers, strings, and markers.

This project helps kids expand their creativity while learning about the sun, and how light and colors work.

Gets kids in the creative spirit
Teaches them about colors and light
Kids start learning to use maker tools
Project 2:
Mars Rover!
Kids will build a mini Mars rover—using a variety of materials—that they can race across the floor using the power of air!

This project helps gives expand their understanding of space travel, movement, and motion in space.

Helps kids understand space travel
Gets kids excited about building
Introduces concepts of motion
Project 3:
Kids will design and create their very own astronaut helmet so they can survive in space without losing air!

This project helps kids expand their understanding of what it takes to stay alive in space, while challenging them with design and build tasks

Understand concepts of living in space
Expand on design and build concepts
Gives kids creative expression
Project 4:
Jet Pack
Using bottles, tape, strings, cups, scissors, and tin foil, kids will build an air powered jet-pack for moving around in space!

This project helps kids learn about jet propulsion, space travel and how astronauts can move around in space.

Helps kids understand space propultion
Helps kids understand how air moves
Give kids creative design opportunities
Project 5:
Solar Fan
Kids will build a working solar powered fan using real solar panels, motors, batteries, wires, and more.

This project helps introduce kids to engineering concepts, electricity, and the sun can be used for energy

Learn basic engineering concepts
Learn about power & electricity
Explore solar power possibilities
Project 6:
Kids will build their very own SPACE constellation using a variety of materials to mimic the stars in space!

This project will teach kids about stars and how they form and emit light back down to earth.

Helps kids understand stars
Shows visual representation of space
Expands on concepts of light in space
we'll dive
into the OCEAN!
Have you ever wondered what is hidden in the vast expanse of Ocean that surrounds us?

In our Ocean camp we will dive into this mysterious underwater world. We will have fun exploring the deep seas with an overview on the layers of the ocean and the different animals that live in each.

We’ll also learn about the anatomy of fish and other cool looking sea creatures, and how they move and breathe underwater.

We’ll teach kids about the importance of keeping our oceans clean and how ocean life also supports all life on Earth.

Using STEAM skills to consider sustainability and our natural world, the OCEAN portion of our program introduces kids to challenges facing our OCEAN environments.

Teachers kids about Ocean animals and biology
Learn to care and protect for our Oceans
Helps kids expand their understanding of science

Technology is the “T”  STEAM, but students studying math, engineering, and science will also learn about various aspects of technology. Math students will quickly learn to use calculators. Engineering utilizes computers and all technologies are engineered at some point. Scientists these days rely on microscopes, supercomputers, and plenty of other science tools.

~Why STEAM benefits kids

& Skills
Students in our OCEAN program will learn how to help save our oceans while learning about fish, where sea creatures live, how scientist explore the ocean, why light is important in the ocean and more!
Learn how sea-creatures live and survive
Learn about ocean environments and matter
Learn how land forms in water

Students who pursue a college education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or math often enjoy great career prospects. Demand for their skills will be high, and salaries often match. Encouraging children to study STEAM-related fields now can pique their interest in STEAM fields and will make future STEAM studies easier.

~Why STEAM benefits kids

Project 1:
Jumping Jellyfish!
Kids will make their very own Jumping Jellyfish, using a variety of simple materials that floats and swim in water!

This project teaches kids about buoyancy and chemistry, how creatures like jellyfish use these principles rise and submerge in water.

Helps kids understand water movement
Give kids an interactive experience project
Helps kids understand sea-creature movements
Project 2:
Using paints, and printing materials, kids will create their own fish printing press!

This project helps kids learn more about fish anatomy, as well has printing and art concepts.

Helps kids learn anatomy
Introduces art concepts and printing
Expands kids creative power
Project 3:
Build a submarine!
Kids will build their very own working submarine that rises and sinks on command.

This project helps kids learn more about how humans have learned to travel in water and expands on concepts of water displacement and buoyancy

Helps kids understand water movement
Introduces kids to ocean engineering
Project 4:
Create an LED Angler Fish!
Kids will create an exciting LED angler fish using batteries, LEDs, aluminum, copper tape, and more.

This project helps kids learn more about circuits and how electricity is used to create light and pass energy through wires.

Introduces kids to circuitry
Helps kids understand electronics
Helps kids visualize sea-creatures
Project 5:
Kids will make a model of a hot water deep-sea vent using containers, food coloring, strings and warm and cold water.

This project helps kids learn about the oceans amazing deep sea vents and how they build underwater habitats for sea life

Kids learn about heat and temperature
Helps kids learn about sea mass formation
Introduces hydrothermal concepts
Wasn't that amazing!
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